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Welcome to the Westhampton Yacht Squadron

The story of the Westhampton Yacht Squadron, since it’s founding in 1890, is of people dedicated to sailing and of families passing their enthusiasm as well as their boats from generation to generation.

It is the story of youngsters who learn the sport of sailing, swimming and tennis. Many go on to win honors in local and national competition. It is a wonderful and unique spirit, one of camaraderie and giving.

We also offer a welcome and safe haven to yachtsmen and yachtswomen who visit our bay. We are located on the beautiful Moriches Bay in Remsenburg, NY. Our members and guests enjoy the scenic view of the bay from our well stocked bar and dining facilities. It is rich in history which we proudly pass on to the new generation of sailors.

New Members

Click on the link button to access the WYS Membership Application. 

WYS Membership Application  

Commodore's Corner
Wishing you all a healthy, happy new year!

Flag Officers:
Commodore:  John Sheehan                        
Vice Commodore:  ARam Terchunian               
Rear Commodore:  Sundy Schermeyer           
Treasurer:  Michael Strebel                               
Secretary:  Nick Borruso       

Board of Directors:

Richard Britton
Jim Hulme
Andrew Gilbride
John Barry
John Johnson
Peggy Ann Jayne
James Schultz
Dave Hale
Suzanne Jackey
Kristen Smythe                           

Board Participants:                                           

Carl Skeris                                                       
Cel Mancuso                                                       
Ed Surgan

HOW TO TIE 2 Important Sailing Knots

1. Bowline

The bowline is the king of sailing knots. The bowline is way of turning the end of your line into a loop. Why is this useful? You can tie it around a post or other fixed object to make the line fast, or on smaller boats it is used fasten the halyard to the sail. It can also be used to tie two lines together.


Step 1: Form a loop near the end of the line.)
Step 2: Run the end of the line back through that loop.
Step 3: Next, run the line around the standing end and back through the small loop.
Step 4: Now grasp the end and pull the knot tight.

2. Clove Hitch

A clove hitch is an extremely useful and quick knot. It has the advantage of being very quick to tie and untie, but it doesn’t hold nearly as well as the bowline. On sailboats, one of its most common uses is hanging the fenders over the side as you come in to dock.


Step 1: Wrap the end of the line around the post (or whatever you’re attaching it to).
Step 2: Cross the line over itself and wrap it around the post again.
Step 3: Loosen the last wrap slightly and slip the end under, then pull it taut. This is a way of “locking” the knot.
Step 4: Give it a few tugs to make sure it’s secure, and you’re done!

Club Hours

Winter Office Hours:
Starting Sept. 10th:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
10:00am to 3:00pm 
  Closed on Wednesdays
Summer Office Hours:
Starting May 13th
Monday through Friday:
8:30am to 4:30pm
All other times can be
made by appointment by calling

Office Staff:

Manager:  Dot Capuano
Assistant Manager:  Janis Murray

Retail Shop Hours
Winter Hours:
Monday, Tuesday ,Thursday & Friday:
10am to 3:00pm
Closed on Wednesdays

Upcoming Events

Valentines Day Friday Night Dinner - Feb 15

Friday Night Dinners begin at 6:00pm


Please see our 2019 Calendar for more
information and other events

Friday Dinner Menus:

January 18
Arugula Salad with Bleu Cheese & Walnuts
Pan Seared Scallops with Butter & Tarragon
Sausage with Peppers & Onions
Sauteed Broccolli
Orzo with Herb & Butter

January 25 - PUB NIGHT
Grilled Caesar Salad
Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers
Marinated Steak Tidbits w/Gorgonzola Cream Sauce
Flatbread Pizza
Chili & Cheese Potato Boats
Chicken Finger and French Fries

February 1
Spinach Salad w/bacon, tomato & vinaigrette
Marinated Steak with mushroom gravy
Baked salmon with tomato relish
Squash and zucchini
Parmesan seasoned shoestring potatoes

February 8
Mixed greens with craisins, goat cheese, sunflower seeds
Linguine with white clam sauce
Chicken breast with prosciutto & fresh mozzarella
Sauteed green beans w/shallots & white wine
Garlic Bread

February 15 - Special Valentine's Day Dinner
Three course sit down meal with dessert

Mixed greens w/craisins, candied walnuts, red onion, feta & avocado
Seafood pot pie
Marinated steak 
Garlic mashed potatoes
Roasted asparagus
Hand dipped strawberries

February 22 - PUB NIGHT
French onion soup
Caesar salad
Chicken wings (hot & oriental style)
BBQ ribs
Chicken sliders
Brownie a la mode

All dinners served with
dinner rolls, coffee, tea and dessert

Westhampton Yacht Squadron Scholarship Fund


October 2018


Dear Members,


The Westhampton Yacht Squadron Scholarship Fund is now in its 21st year.The scholarship fund recognizes charter members graduating high school or currently attending college that show a dedication through participation, involvement and volunteerism in the sport of sailboat racing. We are proud to award 89 of the finest sailors' scholarships for a total of over $100,000.00


To assure the continuance of the Scholarship Fund, we are extending an opportunity to you to support the scholarship fund in its 21st year. Your donation can help us maintain and grow the

Scholarship Fund.


Our goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000.00 per year to be able to continue the generous stipend to our recipients.


All donations are recognized by the IRS for tax deduction purposes. A receipt for tax purposes will be provided for all contributions.


Donations can be made to "Westhampton Yacht Squadron Scholarship Fund". If the donations will be "in honor of" or "in memory of" please indicate this on the check and the name will be engraved on the scholarship plaque.


In closing, we wish to thank you for any contributions you can make to this worthwhile endeavor.


Thank you,

WYS Scholarship Fund


Janet Jurgielewicz, President

Ron Marwood, Vice-President

Paula Dawydiak, Secretary/Treasurer


P.O. Box 315, Remsenburg, New York, 11960 (631) 325-8321